Games Like My Candy Love

unduhan-13My Candy Love is the most well known being a tease diversion cherished by young ladies. In view of mainstream Japanese dating diversions, it has various sentimental stories and occasions that are scripted for the players. Since it is age-fitting, guardians of youthful youngsters don’t have to keep a beware of their children always. The diversion is so loaded with fun that you may wish to play it over and over.

This game was designed by Chinomiko and published by Beemov. It is about a girl (player), who moves to her new high school, and meets many new people. She soon learns about a geeky boy named, Ken, who follows her from the old school and is madly in love with her. The story progresses in the form of episodes and the girl must balance everything going on in her life from school events, friendships, and love during the whole game. You as a player can customize your own character and create your own love story with this virtual-dating game. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Check out some more games similar to My Candy Love.

My Candy Love Alternatives

IMVU is a fashion-based game with dating elements in it. It comprises fashion, dating, and shopping. Show off your fashion sense, get a boyfriend, go shopping, and embellish your apartment. Rank high on IMVU by keeping your fashion trendy. Register now to experience this fun dating and flirting gaming site.

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Lady Popular
It is also a fashion-based game where you can create your own avatar and fashion story. This is a game you should not miss if you love fashion. You have an option of customizing your look, virtual space, playing games, and building your own story. Lady Popular is easy to sign up and register for.

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RE: Alistair
This game is a visual romance novel wherein the players can interact with the characters. The main role of the player is of a girl who loves spending time by playing video games. It has three main male characters, and the players can choose to have romantic relationships with any of these male characters.

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Katawa Shoujo
It is also a visual romance novel game that involves a single man that moves to a new school where he makes friends and also falls in love. It also involves five women with disabilities. This game tests your decision-making abilities, and also allows you to control and build your own storyline and endings.

Always Remember Me
This game offers a mix of dating and decision-making skills. The game is about a girl, Amy, who has to decide between choosing to stay or move on in life without her boyfriend, Aaron, who suffers a memory loss after a terrible car accident. It allows to you to take decisions, and leaves Amy’s fate in your hands to decide her future. It has everything from dating, love, romance, culture, etc. Now, that’s interesting!

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Star Project
In this game you play the role of the head of once immensely popular star management company. The owners get killed in an accident, leaving behind their only daughter to take over it. The girl spots a country singer and sees a great potential in him, and decides to sign him up for ‘Star Project’. You have to help the boy achieve good heights, put up good shows, manage his tours, and many more. And of course, it involves falling in love too!

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Spirited Heart
It is another decision-making game that involves creating a lifestyle of your own, and deciding your own career and wedding. This game allows you to choose between a human, demon, or an elf, each offering different characters and experiences. There are plenty of options to explore in this game.

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Princess Debut
This game, developed by Natsume, is best suited for the portable Nintendo DS. It is a rhythm-based dating game that involves romantic relationships. You play the character of a princess, who must learn some dance moves in 30 days to romance one of the six handsome princes at the big ball. The game offers various options to create your own look and customize it.

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The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook
This game is a sequel to Summer in Fairbrook. It is about a girl, Natalie, who takes up a job in a flower shop located in Fairbrook. The game has four potential love interests and endings for the player. It also has a weekly scheduler that helps you plan out your weeks so that you get some time to spend with your love.

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Roommates is about two girls, which you have to choose from. You have to juggle between job, attend school, study, and go on dates as well. Whichever girl you choose to be, you will find different love interests and experiences. It has comedy, laughs, lots of twists, and of course, romance.

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The games mentioned above can be played online. They offer great opportunity for romance, love, flirting, dating, and add loads of spice to your lives. So, which of these games like My Candy Love kept you addicted? Let us know your experience by dropping in few lines in the comments section below.